08 abril, 2006

Happy Elections

Tomorrow there will be elections in Hungary. Until now I was sure who to vote for: the Hungarian Party of the Two-Tailed Dog. Their promises are simple and unbeatable: eternal life, free beer, and tax abatements.

Read my lips. "So sweet - he certainly will not want to steal!" "Leaning back. Looking deep in my eyes. Voting for us." "The Two-tailed Dog for President." "Eternal life. Free beer. Tax abatements."

But now I'm quite perplexed. Just a week before the elections a new party appeared on the scene. The Party of the One-Tailed Dog – with the slogan "One Dog. One Tail. One Leader" –, while asserting that the Two-Tailed Dog was an agent of the Communist regime before 1989, promises to give you not only free beer, but its price as well, plus a full hit on every lottery ticket, independently of the actual winning numbers. I don't want to chuck away any of these awesome opportunities, so again I don't know how to vote.

Tomorrow there will be elections in Italy as well. Analysts say its outcome will mainly depend on weather. If it will be good, then everyone will go to the sea, and only the most committed leftists will stay and go to vote. In case of rain, however, you can expect more people to remain in the electorate and vote for the Cavaliere. Amici, auguriamo sia a voi che a noi il tempo ed il governo che desideriamo, e non quello che meritiamo.

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Anonymous Anónimo dijo...

Grazie mille.
Pare che stiamo voltando pagina... ora c'è da rimboccarsi le maniche.
Auguri di cuore anche a voi!

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